Divorces are difficult. They represent the failure of a couple’s marriage. Despite all of the things of which a couple can be proud, such as raising children, or recalling the good times they had together anger, bitterness, hurt, and sadness, and a host of other emotions can overwhelm the parties. The overwhelming feelings and emotions can cloud a person’s judgment. Hiring an experienced Wyoming divorce lawyer who knows how to handle the toughest of cases is vital to getting what you deserve from the dissolution of your marriage. Rock Springs Divorce Lawyer George Arnold, theprincipal owner of Arnold Law Offices, PLLC, conveniently located in Rock Springs and Evanston, will help you through one of the most challenging periods in your life.

The Court

Any resident of Rock Springs or the towns in Sweetwater County may file for divorce in the Sweetwater County District Court in Green River. The District Court has jurisdiction over all disputes arising out of domestic relations. The Sweetwater County Circuit Court is located in Rock Springs and may hold hearings there depending upon the issue that requires judicial attention.  You will find the Sweetwater Circuit Court at 731 C Street, #303 in Rock Springs. The Sweetwater District Court has an address of 80 Flaming Gorge Way, Green River, WY.

Starting A Lawsuit For A Divorce

Getting divorced requires one party, called a plaintiff, to file a complaint for divorce in the District Court. The plaintiff must file additional forms as well. Your attorney can complete these forms for you. Along with the complaint for divorce, you must file a civil cover sheet, and pay the appropriate filing fee. Additionally, you must file a form of vital statistics. This form contains information about when and where the parties married and the number of children, if any, that were born of the marriage.  You must complete and file a document called the confidential statement of the parties for a child support order if children were born during the marriage. This document contains sensitive information such as dates of birth and social security numbers. The clerk of the court issues a summons once all of the initial paperwork is properly filed. The summons is the official court form that puts the defendant on notice of the pending lawsuit. A sheriff or another process server hand delivers the summons along with a copy of the complaint for divorce and the other documents the plaintiff filed in court to initiate the divorce. The sheriff returns the summons to the plaintiff with a statement explaining how service was made. The summons with the sheriff’s return must be filed in court with the clerk.  Then defendant has twenty (20) days in which to file an answer to the divorce complaint. The defendant may, but does not have to, file a counterclaim for divorce.

Getting Divorced

After the twenty-day answer period lapses, then the parties must disclose certain information to the other party. Wyoming law requires the parties to disclose certain information within thirty (30) days after the sheriff served the defendant. Wyoming law compels the parties to disclose to the other their financial situation including all of their assets and debts, plan for property division, child custody and support, visitation, and a statement explaining why their plan is in the best interest of the children.  Neither party shouldfile the disclosures in court. Depending upon the parties’ relative positions, the case can proceed to court. The parties can work out a written agreement resolving all of the issues between them. The written agreement must dispose of the marital property, the marital debts, retirement, and pension division, as well as the division of other assets. The agreement must include a child support provision in addition to custody information and resolving issues such as visitation, vacation time, holiday time, and the like. If the parties cannot resolve their differences, then the case will be set for trial and the judge will hear the facts of the case and make rulings. The divorce is not final until the judge endorses the official divorce decree.

Getting Married Is Easy; Getting Divorced Is Not

There are too many issues and rights at stake in a divorce to go it alone. Do not take on these challenges alone. Attorney George Arnold has tremendous experience fighting for his clients in divorce and other domestic relation issues. Call the Arnold Law Offices, PLLC in Rock Springs at 307-392-2002 to schedule an appointment at our office conveniently located at 409 Broadway Suite A, in Rock Springs.