Rock Springs is a community of great diversity and history. The city boasts that 56 nationalities settled in Rock Springs, largely because of coal mining. The output from Rock Springs’ Union Pacific coal mines helped fuel expansion in the West. Outlaw gangs would find their way to Rock Springs along their way to tame the Wild West. Even Butch Cassidy spent some time in Rock Springs, as a butcher. The city grew over the years into a vibrant community. Today, Rock Springs’ residents are a group of friendly, welcoming, and hard-working citizens. Attorney George Arnold, the principal of The Arnold Law Offices, PLLC, is a proud member of this outstanding community.

The Arnold Law Offices PLLC is a general practice law firm in Rock Springs. While Attorney Arnold focuses his practice on certain areas such as bankruptcy, divorce, and personal injury, he also represents clients in civil litigation as well. Attorney Arnold’s wide practice experience in many areas of law allows him to serve his fellow Rock Springs community members who experience a wide variety of legal issues.

Attorney Arnold, as a lifelong resident of Wyoming, understands the challenges his neighbors face. Given the prolonged national recession, Wyoming residents face numerous financial obstacles. Today’s economic reality forces people to face incredibly difficult financial decisions. While no one wants to “declare bankruptcy,” frequently the best option is filing a Chapter 7 bankruptcy petition.  The stigma of “going bankrupt” has eroded due to many, many people have filed for bankruptcy protection in the last decade.  Attorney Arnold will answer all of the questions you have about bankruptcy and guide you through the procedure. While not advisable for everyone, filing for bankruptcy protection can help you get a new start.

Financial difficulties test the well-being of the family unit. Sadly, sometimes the strain of financial uncertainty breaks the bonds of matrimony. Other influences strain a marriage to its breaking point as well. Substance abuse, infidelity, spousal abuse, or work commitments, to name a few, can ruin a marriage. If you or your spouse are considering divorce, Attorney Arnold can help. Attorney Arnold has the experience in Wyoming divorces to get you what is rightfully yours in the divorce.

The are many issues that arise in divorce proceedings, both parental and financial. Attorney Arnold will zealously represent you and your interests in a divorce. He will protect your rights by negotiating skillfully and firmly or by taking the case to trial if the parties cannot agree. At the outset, the divorcing parties must keep in mind the best interests of their children. Issues such as physical custody, legal custody, visitation rights, child support payments and other contributions are considerations in a divorce. The parties must also consider the financial aspects of marital dissolution as well. The parties must consider the impact of divorce on the division of assets such as a home, pension or retirement plans, bank accounts, investment accounts, and whether one spouse must pay alimony to the other.

Suffering an injury at the hands of another can cause an enormous disruption in a person’s life. Attorney Arnold has represented many clients who suffered personal injuries through no fault of their own. Attorney Arnold represents people injured in auto accidents, including pedestrian and motorcycle accidents, slip and fall injuries, as well as injuries caused by consumer products. Additionally, Attorney Arnold represents clients who suffered an injury on the job. Attorney Arnold understands the challenges an injured person faces such as paying for medical bills, transportation, insurance costs, and economic loss. Attorney Arnold represented many clients who recovered for their injuries, including pain and suffering as well as future economic loss.

A Neighbor Is Someone You Can Trust

You can count on Attorney George Arnold to help you through the tough times. If you are in need of legal services in the Rock Springs area, call Arnold Law Offices, PLLC today at 307-392-2002 or visit him at his Rock Springs office located at 409 Broadway, Suite A. The Arnold Law Offices PLLC also has an office in Evanston to serve Wyoming residents better.