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You Should Contact An Attorney Immediately After An Accident

An auto accident can leave you in a big mess. A work-related injury can do the same. Also, the death of a loved one caused by another causes havoc. Life goes on while you convalesce. Bills pile up, you miss work, your car needs repairs, or you need to buy a new car because the accident totaled yours. Insurance adjusters call and want to talk with you. You must keep medical appointments to try to get healthy so you can go back to work, hopefully. Day by day, things seem to get worse instead of better. You need help getting your life back together. Evanston personal injury attorney George Arnold will help you get back on your feet again and win the compensation you deserve for your injuries.

The sooner you get started on preparing your case, the better off you will be in the long run. For instance, you should complete and file the necessary police reports and accident reports. Give a copy to your attorney. The police and accident reports contain extremely valuable information such as the preliminary findings as to how the crash occurred, where the crash occurred, witness statements, including the other driver’s version of events, the other driver’s insurance information, traffic conditions, and meteorological details such as visibility and road conditions.

The location of the crash is very important to know. Your attorney will need to view the scene and interview witnesses to the accident. Also, since the nearly ubiquitous presence of surveillance cameras, your attorney can investigate to determine whether any cameras captured the accident. These videos “eat their tail” after a short period, meaning that the video may be lost unless your attorney takes swift action to preserve the video.  If you are involved in a trucking accident, your attorney will want to find out whether the truck had onboard cameras which may have preserved the footage of the crash.

Similarly, your attorney may want to interview witnesses to the crash sooner rather than later. A witness’s memory–just like everyone else’s — gets worse as time passes.  Additionally, a thorough interview shortly after the accident might reveal other information that the police failed to obtain that could benefit your case.

Your attorney can also handle the insurance companies involved. The other driver’s insurance company will want to take a statement from you. Your insurance company may take your statement as well. Make certain your attorney is aware of any contact you have with any insurance company and do not speak to anyone about the crash except your attorney.

Some Things You Should Expect

You must expect to communicate frequently with your attorney. Your attorney needs to know how you are doing and if matters change. You must inform your attorney if you have any witnesses relevant to any  Your attorney will need to obtain your medical records from your doctors and other medical treatment providers. Your attorney must thoroughly review your records because your attorney must know the extent of the injuries you suffered and whether you have any pre-existing injuries that were aggravated by the crash. 

Your attorney may make a demand for settlement from the other driver’s insurance company once you reached a medical end result for your injuries. The insurance company can negotiate and reach a settlement or refuse to negotiate and settle out of court. If not, then you must file a lawsuit. You must file the lawsuit within three (3) years from the date of the accident. If you fail to file on or before that date, then your case will be dismissed, and you are barred from recovering for your injuries forever.  If you were injured at work, you must give the proper notice to your employer that you suffered an injury.

Consult An Experienced Evanston Personal Injury Attorney

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