Attorney George Arnold, the principal owner of Arnold Law Offices, PLLC, maintains two conveniently located law offices to better serve his fellow Wyoming residents.Attorney Arnold is a zealous advocate for his clients. He has over 20 years of practicing law in Wyoming. Many people have relied on his experience and guidance in three main areas of practice: bankruptcy, divorce, and personal injury.


Attorney Arnold has represented many people in bankruptcy court. Public perception of individuals filing bankruptcy has significantly changed over the last decade or so. For instance, in May through June of 2016, 202,334 non-business petitions were filed across the United States seeking bankruptcy protection.  The overwhelming majority, 128,778 were Chapter 7 petitions and 73,254 were Chapter 13 petitions. Only 302 were Chapter 11 petitions.  In 2015, debtors filed 519,130 Chapter 7 non-business bankruptcy petitions in the United States and 299,515 non-business Chapter 13 bankruptcy petitions. The numbers demonstrate how common bankruptcy has become. Bankruptcy no longer means you are lazy and cannot hold down a job to pay your bills. The harsh economic reality in the United States in 2016 forces many people to file bankruptcy petitions.

Many people qualify for Chapter 7 bankruptcies. A Chapter 7 bankruptcy petition helps you discharge your debts while exempting certain assets from liquidation. Chapter 13 bankruptcies last longer than Chapter 7 filings because a Chapter 13 bankruptcy is designed to help you repay your creditors some of what you owe. Both bankruptcy petitions, if allowed, discharge your debts and prevent your creditors from chasing you for them ever again.

Bankruptcy helps you get a new financial start. A bankruptcy remains on your FICO credit score for at least seven years. In the meantime, you can use that time to rebuild your credit score but do so wisely and within your means.  Contract Arnold Law Offices, PLLC to learn more about your legal options in this regard and how we may be able to help you regain your financial freedom!

Personal Injury

Attorney Arnold has helped many clients recover damages caused by auto accidents, trucking accident, and wrongful death suits. Personal injuries caused by an auto accident or trucking accident can be devastating to the crash victim as well as their family. The families of persons killed by another suffer tremendously emotional anguish. Attorney Arnold is highly skilled in fighting for clients who were injured through no fault of their own.

Successfully recovering damages will not make the pain go away or ease the loss of a loved one. Recovering damages makes life a little easier for the injured person or the family of the lost loved one. Recovering a personal injury award helps pay medical bills and compensate for missed work, as well as compensate you for your pain and suffering. In the end, recovering compensation for personal injuries gives the injured a sense that the injured victim or the victim’s family, as well as the person who caused the crash, found justice.


In Wyoming, one spouse can divorce the other based upon irreconcilable differences. Irreconcilable differences can mean many things to many people. Two people who once loved each other can grow apart. Financial problems or substance abuse can lay claim to many marriages. Still, making the decision to divorce is not easy. People must consider many things such as the welfare of the children, finances, and the possibility of reconciliation before deciding to divorce.

Getting divorced in Wyoming can be complicated. The parties are free to resolve how they want their property divided, child custody, child support, alimony, if any, and how they will pay the marital debts. A judge will decide for them if the parties cannot agree. There are many issues the parties must take into account. Having a Wyoming divorce lawyer like Attorney George Arnold by your side fighting to protect your rights and claiming what yours is necessary to navigate the murky and emotional waters of a divorce.

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