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Seeking Fair Alimony – Wyoming Spousal Maintenance Lawyer

Divorce can adversely impact the standard of living of both marital partners because the income that supported one household is now needed to support two separate households at least for a period of time.  In many marriages, spouses divide the marital labor with one spouse serving as the primary breadwinner while the other spouse assumes primary responsibility for taking care of the family home and the couple’s children.  When spouses divorce after a number of years of dividing the family obligations in this manner, the result can be a dramatic imbalance in earning power between the parties.  Spousal support (also called “alimony,” “spousal maintenance,” or “maintenance”) is awarded to correct such an imbalance.  An award of spousal support also serves as an acknowledgement that a financially disadvantaged spouse often makes significant career sacrifices to further the career of the higher earning spouse.

The Wyoming Spousal Support Law Firm of Arnold Law Offices, PLLC, recognizes that spousal maintenance awards can have a significant impact on the financial security of both spouses.  When representing the higher earning spouse, Arnold Law Offices works diligently to prove the earning ability of the other spouse based by highlighting his or her training, education and employment history.  Sometimes a vocational counselor will be used to build a persuasive case regarding the earning capacity of the spouse seeking alimony.  When representing a spouse seeking alimony, Arnold Law Offices works diligently to ferret out hidden income and to develop a compelling case for generous alimony awards.

Types of Alimony in Wyoming

Wyoming law recognizes several types of alimony which include:

Rehabilitative Alimony: This form of alimony is awarded with the goal of providing education and training to improve the employability of the financially disadvantaged spouse.  The alimony will be paid on a periodic basis (e.g. monthly).  This form of alimony can be terminated or modified based on a change of circumstances.

Long-Term Alimony: Although permanent alimony awards are fairly rare in Wyoming, this form of support can be ordered in cases of long-term marriages where the age and earning capacity of the recipient spouse negates realistic prospects of becoming self-sufficient.  Alternatively, the court can award long-term spousal support for a designated number of years.

Lump Sum Alimony: Sometime the parties to a divorce will agree to a lump sum payment in lieu of periodic payments over time.  The judge can also award a lump sum award.

Factors Relevant to Wyoming Spousal Support Awards

The initial considerations a judge will weigh in determining an alimony award are the ability of the higher earning spouse to pay alimony and the needs of the spouse receiving alimony.  The judge also will consider the following factors when analyzing the appropriate amount and duration of alimony:

  • Length of the Marriage
  • Tax Consequences
  • Child Support Obligations
  • Other Factors the Court Considers Relevant

Unlike child support, there is no mathematical formula that determines how these factors should be weighed, so the process involves a fair amount of subjective judgment by the judge.  The experience of Wyoming Family Law Firm Arnold Law Offices can provide a significant advantage when the amount or duration of spousal support is contested.

Modification of Spousal Maintenance

Courts will consider a modification of alimony after entry of a divorce decree. The modification must be based on a material change in circumstances that can include a significant change in the financial situation of one of the spouses, such as a job loss, serious illness, physical injury or similar circumstances.  The best option if you want to modify spousal support is to talk to Wyoming Divorce Law Firm of Arnold Law Offices to evaluate your situation and provide candid advice and judgment about your prospects for success.