Areas of Practice

Whether you are contemplating divorce, starting a business or drowning in debt, Wyoming attorney George L. Arnold offers legal advice and effective legal representation to individuals and businesses facing complex legal issues.  When the future of your business or family is threatened by legal hurdles, you need the legal expertise and skill of an attorney with decades of experience successfully resolving legal problems for clients.  Mr. Arnold has represented hundreds upon hundreds of clients during the last 25 years in a range of legal matters including:

Debt Relief – Bankruptcy

Our Wyoming debt relief law firm explores both bankruptcy and non-bankruptcy options to help clients obtain relief from oppressive debt collection practices like wage garnishments, bank account levies, real estate liens and other forms of creditor harassment.  Filing a bankruptcy triggers the “automatic stay,” which is an injunction barring most debt collection practices, so creditor harassment stops immediately.  Some of the debt relief options which our law firm might use to ease your financial crisis include:

Chapter 7 Liquidation Bankruptcy: This form of bankruptcy provides the most extensive form of debt relief for many debtors.  Chapter 7 bankruptcy will stop enforcement of most financial liabilities to allow you to proceed through the bankruptcy process.  In most cases, our Chapter 7 bankruptcy clients keep all or almost all of their assets while being relieved of the obligation to repay most of their unsecured obligations, such as most personal injury judgments, credit card debts, medical bills, unsecured loans and many other forms of secured debt.

Chapter 13 Repayment Plan Bankruptcy: If you cannot qualify for Chapter 7 or you are behind on your mortgage, a Chapter 13 can stretch out the time you need to get caught up on your past due secured debts or unsecured debts that are not dischargeable in bankruptcy.  Chapter 13 also can provide a preferable option if you have assets with significant value that would not be exempt from distribution to creditors under a Chapter 7.

Chapter 11 Reorganization Bankruptcy: A Chapter 11 plan of reorganization provides both individuals and businesses with important tools to restructure their financial affairs.  A Chapter 11 reorganization plan permits a business to continue operations while potentially avoiding certain leases and contracts with a cap on damages.  A bankruptcy plan also can allow the individual or company to modify the terms of existing loans over a five year period.  Mr. Arnold has guided many business owners through the Chapter 11 process which has permitted the companies to emerge financially viable.  An effective Chapter 11 can result in the growth and profitability of a financially struggling business.

Family Law

Family law matters like divorce and child custody affect the most fundamental elements of a person’s life.  Mr. Arnold is committed to representing the interests of his clients while pursuing amicable solutions to family law issues.  He also represents clients in modification proceedings.  While Mr. Arnold is prepared to engage in contentious litigation to protect his clients’ interests, he is often successful in negotiating positive durable solutions to family law issues.  Our Wyoming Law Firm handles the full spectrum of family law issues including divorce, child custody, child support, paternity, visitation, restraining orders, property division and related issues.

Marital Dissolution: Our law firm represents clients in the full spectrum of marital dissolutions from uncontested divorces to the most contentious high conflict divorces.

Child Custody and Divorce: When Mr. Arnold strives to obtain workable child custody orders, he does so with an eye toward promoting effective communication between parents, which can reduce the stress on both the parents and minor children.  Effective custody arrangements can promote amicable co-parenting and prevent the need for ongoing post-judgment modification and enforcement proceedings.

Paternity/Child Support: Whether you are the paying or receiving parent, child support can impact your ability to provide for your family and pay household obligations.  Our Wyoming child support law firm can provide legal representation in establishing parental rights and obligation as well as modifications.

Personal Injury

When you are injured by hazards on the property of another or by a distracted driver, you might face devastating financial challenges like spiral medical bills and the loss of vital household income.  These financial obstacles can cause extreme stress that interferes with your physical and psychological recovery.  Mr. Arnold has represented helped individuals injured because of the negligent or intentional conduct of others obtain millions of dollars from responsible individuals, large corporations and government entities.  We represent clients in a broad spectrum of personal injury cases that include but are not limited to the following:

  • Car Crashes
  • Semi-Truck Collisions
  • Motorcycle Accidents
  • Public Transportation Accidents
  • Bicycle & Pedestrian Accidents
  • Premises Liability Claims
  • Defective Products and Drugs
  • Inadequate Security Claims
  • Trip and Fall Accidents
  • Construction Site Injuries
  • Clergy Abuse/Molestation
  • Assaults, Rape Other Crimes

Workers Compensation Claims

If you are injured in a workplace accident, the workers compensation system provides a “no fault” efficient way to obtain medical care, temporary income replacement, money for any permanent disability after the employee has reached a point of maximum recovery, vocational training and death benefits.  Mr. Arnold also explores the potential of third party liability against parties other than your employer to seek the fullest measure of compensation.

Business Law

Whether you are an entrepreneur, small business or multi-national corporation, you must navigate an ever growing environment of legal obstacles and challenges.  Whether Mr. Arnold is representing clients in a commercial transaction or litigation over a contract or intellectual property dispute, he provides innovative solutions based on 25 years of experience.  Our law firm provides legal counsel through the entire lifespan of a commercial entity from entity formation to dissolution.  Our Wyoming business law firm can function as general counsel or on an ad hoc basis to provide legal advice as problems arise.

If you have questions about your legal rights or remedies, you should call the Wyoming Law Offices of George L. Arnold, P.C. at (307) 708-7887 to schedule a free consultation.